One Stem at a Time
Handcrafted Bridal Bouquets
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Caring for your Bouquet

I pack every item as carefully as I possibly can to minimize any adverse affects during shipping, however, your bouquet may arrive with slight "bending" of the stems which may be unavoidable.  

After unpacking your bouquet, remove the plastic bag and place the bouquet in a tall sturdy vase or suitable container. 
Inspect the bouquet, and if needed, gently bend the wire stems into the desired position.  Avoid bending the stem at the flowers base if possible.  
Cover the bouquet with the plastic bag to keep your bouquet dust free until ready to use.

With the purchase of any bouquet, I offer free scented wax squares in your choice of a variety of fragrances...if you have elected to receive one, it will come with your bouquet in a small plastic bag. Remove the wax square from the bag, place it inside of the bag covering your bouquet and seal the bag around the handle using string or twist-ties.  The bouquet will gradually absorb the scent over time. The amount of fragrance achieved will depend on how long and how tightly the bouquet is enclosed with the scented wax.